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AstroMaps Live at The Granary

This show was originally supposed to have included Long Shore Drift AND Palette Town on the bill. Of course, that would have corrupted the very fabric of the indieverse and the gods simply would not have had it. Alas, they both dropped out. That being said, we were still left with a sweet line up including our pals Kid Lore and Left Handed Jacket. Many shout outs to Adam from Kid Lore for helping put this show together and for hosting it at their venue.

I sang lead for "Dnce Yrself Clean" in the penultimate video. The lyrics in this song deeply resonated with me. This was actually my first public performance singing lead and played an important role in my development as an artist. Singing used to mortify me. I had such a strict idea of what singing "should" sound like, I had never given my voice a proper opportunity to grow into what it "could" sound like. Singing this song was the beginning of a paradigm shift; I began to accept my voice.

Instead judging our voices (and ourselves), we can listen. There is no shame in asking questions and seeking help when needed.

As a result of dipping my toe into this pool of acceptance, I began to see a more intimate, raw, and direct connection between myself as a performer and the crowd. I felt vulnerable and at the same time, empowered; there was nothing to hide (or hide behind). Singing this song, I got to feel what it was like to speak to a crowd from the dark, private corridors of the heart. I highly encourage for any artist* to get out of their comfort zone. That can mean playing a different instrument, collaborating, singing (taking up film, traveling, dancing, diets). Essentially, anything unfamiliar. Experiment. It will be strangely fulfilling. Regardless of the technical difficulties, this was a performance to remember.

(everyone's an artist, we just practice differently.)

Flyer by Mister Craig

(Here's to when this era of art will be a sign of the times #vapelyfe)

Videos by Mike @mc954concertsFL

Song List:

1. "Infinite Dads" - AstroMaps

2. "You're My Friend & I Can't Believe It" - AstroMaps

3. "Shut It Down" - AstroMaps

4. "Bobby Long" - AstroMaps

5. "Phantom People" - AstroMaps

6. "Oscillate" - AstroMaps

7. "She Said Stop" - AstroMaps

8. "Dnce Yrself Clean" - AstroMaps (as performed by LCD Soundsystem)

9. "Would Be Lion" - AstroMaps

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