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A Musical Journey

(Revisited 11/11/22)

It's been a whileeee (iykyk). I'm 28, I'm newly funemployed, my brother's getting married next week, and I just got my wisdom teeth removed a few hours ago. I know you're burning to know how I got here but, alas, I digress.

More importantly, today I just released a new music video. I recorded and wrote the song ("Rollercoaster") during the 2020 Panera. I had just moved out for the first time and had a lot of down time being furloughed from my previous job (seems to be a trend...). I found an animator on tiktok during that down time and we created a super cool animation, which would segway into the evolution of mixed media we'll be using to world build and tell Myster Craig's story ✨ 

to be continued...

(Originally published 03/11/22)
It's my 23rd birthday. I'm currently on a toilet at a Dunkin Donut's restroom while on my way to sing karaoke. You might ask how I got here. *cues camera pan*
My family had a big role in my musical upbringing. Growing up, my brother taught me my first song on guitar, "Come as You Are" by Nirvana. On the way to school, our pops would expose us to the likes of Yes, Beethoven, and The Beatles 🍏

I began exploring piano in the 5th grade on my portable Yamaha keyboard 🎹 (RIP) and took my first band classes in middle school (where I rocked the trumpet 🎺) I also met and befriended two homies that would become founding members of AstroMaps 🚀 Around the same time, ya boi picked up the guitar for the second time (previous attempts to learn in elementary school proved... challenging). In high school, I enrolled in guitar classes, performed at forums, and assembled AstroMaps (then called Astronaut) 👽✌️

Over the course of six years, we would rock the world performing our own music. Our first show was at a Sam Ash sponsored Battle of the Bands event hosted at Arch Bishop Carol High School on May 14, 2010 (we rose to the top and reigned victorious) 👨‍🎤 We proceeded to release a self titled demo, "Astronaut" in October of 2010, an EP entitled "Eyes Closed" in the Spring of 2012, and a string of juicy singles between 2014 and 2015. AstroMaps is currently on a performance hiatus after finishing up our debut full length album, "Farther Into The Future" on February 14, 2018 😘

Ya boi, C-reg, has since morphed into Myster Craig 🔮🙏  I released my first bop, "Sleepy Boi" on January 1st, 2018 👶💤 Branching out of the musical realm, I wrote and self published my first zine titled, "How Bout Dat; A Collection of Concepts" in April of 2017 and touched on topics such as masturbation, veganism, and psychedelics 😜 

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