©2018 Myster Craig

"Phantom People" - AstroMaps

Published on Feb 1, 2018

Official music video by AstroMaps performing "Phantom People"

Farther Into The Future LP 

AstroMaps © 2018

Concept by: AstroMaps

Directed and Edited by: Yuliana Rodriguez

Produced by: Myster Craig and Yuliana Rodriguez

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Torres

"Stranger" - AstroMaps

Published on Sep 4, 2012
Official music video by AstroMaps performing "Stranger."
Eyes Closed EP
AstroMaps © 2012

Directed and Produced by Miguel Endara

Motion Graphic by Trooper

"Farther Into The Future - AstroMaps | Documentary

Published on Feb 9, 2018

AstroMaps discusses (and creates!!) their first full length debut album "Farther Into the Future"

AstroMaps © 2018

Produced by: Spectropia Productions

Directed by: James Delregato

Director of Photography: Walter Rivera

Edited by: Trevor Meylach James Delregato

Camera Operators: Walter Rivera Trevor Meylach

"Phantom People" Unplugged - AstroMaps

Published on Jan 25, 2018

AstroMaps © 2018

Recorded by: Duana Summers

Directed by: Yuliana Rodriguez

Edited by: Trevor Meylach

"You're My Friend & I Can't Believe It" - AstroMaps

Published on Apr 14, 2015
AstroMaps performing their song "You're My Friend & I Can't Believe It" for BalconyTV.

This episode of Balcony TV was filmed at Benny's On The Beach, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The production team on this video was:

Producer: Byron Lutz
Host: Zachary Johnson
Sound Engineer: Ian Lutz

"Would Be Lion" - AstroMaps

Published on Mar 25, 2015
AstroMaps performing "Would Be Lion" live on Astro Sessions
AstroMaps © 2015

"Uptown Funk" - Graduation Video MDC

Published on May 5th, 2015

Music video produced with M.M.R (Miami Music Revolution) at Miami Dade College, celebrating graduating students in 2015.

Concept and directing: Yuliana Rodriguez
Production: Christine Llorente and Yuliana Rodriguez
Camera: Giangfranco Remiggi and Mike Matamoros
Production Design: Christine Llorente and Yuliana Rodriguez
Editing: Gianfranco Remiggi and Yuliana Rodriguez

(Student Music Video for Uptown Funk by made by MDC Kendall featuring Bruno Mars, only images on video owned)

Trailer for "Troll 2"

A trailer for the film "Troll 2" featuring a musical score composed by Myster Craig

(Only sound recording on video owned)

Fall Registration for Miami Dade College

Published on Jan 6th, 2016

Fall Campaign for Miami Dade College

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