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AstroMaps: Does Pennsylvania

Alright. You know that feeling when you read something you wrote on social media eons ago that leaves you cringing and asking, "Why would I say that?". Well, these videos are nothing like those awkward comments. I stand by proudly alongside the content of these videos and will one day bask in the dad swagger they shall provide me with.

In this trilogy (we actually have a third video we never uploaded including our encounter with a Washington DC protest), AstroMaps embarks on their journey to Ye Olde PA, where they will be met with shivering chills and the ghosts of our country's past. Do they ever find Rene? Who is this mysterious FDQ? Will they ever make it to Boomers?

Filmed by AstroMaps and Kevin "FDQ" Peña

Edited by Kris Alvarez

Song List: (Video Two)

"Atlas and Friends (So Far Away)" - AstroMaps

"French Police" - AstroMaps

"Windmills" - AstroMaps

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