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AstroMaps - "Stranger" Official Music Video

This one right here, she's a real doozy. This was AstroMaps' first music video and my first time ever being on set for a production. We came into contact with the director, Miguel Endara, as we were running a campaign to perform at Bonnaroo 2012 (that's another can of worms). Miguel's cousin was within our circle of influence and had seen us promoting our campaign. She asked us if AstroMaps would be interested in meeting with her film making cousin that was looking to make a music video of a local band from his home town (pa'lante).

She and her cousin, Miguel, came to one of our practices at Deeg'z second house (where the Eyes Closed EP Teaser was shot). He asked if we had any ideas. We figured "French Police" was our most popular song at the time and expected to do that one. He asked to see it performed live. We obliged and played a couple more songs so he could get a deeper feel for what we were about. When we played "Stranger", he reanimated himself. He said that he liked French Police but felt that Stranger was on another level. Stranger's a little grittier than French without as many familiar elements. Although we did not understand why he felt so strongly towards this one song, who were we to deny him that? He had vision.

The day of the shoot, Miguel told us that all of his equipment has been robbed. Nonetheless, he rented a camera and a tripod and we pushed forward. With one camera, multiple angles, and some naked mannequins, magic was made.

Directed, Filmed, and Produced by Miguel Endara Motion Graphic by Trooper

Featuring Kevin Corrales as The Stranger

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