Antics - "Shapeshifter" Official Music Video

April 27, 2012


This one was fun. Antics, a band consisting of Kris Alvarez, Gabriel Valdes, Javi Cuarezma, and my (literal) broseph, Sebs "Sebas" Hidalgo, invited me and few other local artists to take part in their music video for their song "Shapeshifter". The plot is abstract and efficiently vague. We see, through the eyes of the protagonist, a lover whom seems to disappear right before us. We are left with an emotional hangover of what was, or perhaps, was not.


Directed by Kris Alvarez and Greg Gonzalez
Filmed by Greg Gonzalez
Edited by Kris Alvarez

Cast (in no specific order):
Antics (Kris Alvarez, Gabriel Valdes, Sebastian Hidalgo, Javi Cuarezma), Nicole "Mika" Marcos, Greg Gonzalez, Mister Craig, Joey Prats, Jean Carlo Dominguez, Daniella Chamorro, Fredrik Baliwis, Enrique Martinez, and Juan Manuel Sierra.

Girl in the forest: 

Nicole "Mika" Marcos



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