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AstroMaps ACBC Battle of the Bands

This was AstroMaps' (then "Astronaut"'s) first public performance at Arch Bishop Carol's Battle of the Bands that was sponsored by Sam Ash.

It was our first show and we were not entirely sure what to expect. We had to sold tickets at $10 a pop (which was no small feat to ask friends and strangers for). I suppose our hype rubbed off onto our customers. By this point, we had been rehearsing as a full unit for about seven months (we had our first four membered band practice circa October 2009). I felt confident that we were ready. A big part of why, I believe, was that we were having fun. We were consistently challenged. However, this was a bench mark in fun. Something about ticket vending, flyers, and an (actual) stage was all too real for us. It was finally legit. Now, we just had to play.

*cues dramatic transition wipe*

We were the only "indie" band there showcasing MGMT and Vampire Weekend covers against odes to Metallica and Hardcore Emo Thrash Punk* (*not to compare for better or worse, but to draw attention for contrast). We were informed by the judges that we were one of the two finalists and we had to literally battle the other band across stages (they had two stages set up across from each other. Legit). You can hear the opposing band interrupt us mid song in the last video around 1:30. We bounced back with the help of the crowd, Billy Joel, and A Punk. Wild. The indie gods must have had bigger plans for us; we ended up winning :^). We used the Sam Ash gift card to buy (replace) our drum cymbal bag. Not too shabby for our first show.

Song List:

"Willow" - AstroMaps

"Bowser Stole My Friend" - AstroMaps

"Elevator Song" - AstroMaps

"Shut It Down" - AstroMaps

"Nautical" - AstroMaps

"Restless Legs" - AstroMaps

"Everyday Sidestep" - AstroMaps / "Kids" - MGMT / "Piano Man" - Billy Joel / "A Punk" - Vampire Weekend

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